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Apprentice Mentoring and Support

The PPTEU employs a mentor to provide support and guidance to Apprentices.

The essence of the role of Apprentice Mentor is to be a trusted point of contact that apprentices can access for support and assistance when confronted with concerns or issues which present obstacles to effective participation in the apprenticeship.

Ideally, problems will be addressed promptly and worked through in partnership with all concerned so as to bring about an effective and satisfactory resolution.

The Apprentice Mentor provides assistance either directly or by referral to professional agencies in the following areas:

  • apprentice learning support

  • provision of career and training information 

  • links to apprentice support services 

  • monitoring of apprentices at risk 

  • collaborate with Mates in Construction Case Managers 

  • learning assistance with literacy and numeracy 

  • substance abuse 

  • gambling problems 

  • financial problems 

  • relationship issues 

  • health concerns 

  • emergency accommodation 

  • multicultural support 

  • conflict resolution 

  • grief and loss 

  • workplace stress management 

  • depression and anxiety 

  • anger management 

  • workplace injury and rehabilitation 

  • mediation 

  • critical incident 

  • stress management 

  • career guidance 

  • communication skilling; and 

  • goal setting

For more information please contact our Apprentice Mentors Justin Maxwell on 0488 556 222 or email him at, or Tom Niesler on 0487 199 637 or email him on

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