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Workplace Health & Safety

All Site Delegates are automatically elected as the Health and Safety Representative for their site. They must attend the five-day health and safety reps course and will also be entitled to two days of refresher training per year within normal work time - in accordance with the EBA. 

The Union’s driving principle is to fight to safeguard workers’ rights to attend work in a safe, non-evasive manner that provides a balance between their working and family life.

We aim to not only protect you whilst at work but seek to proactively provide you with information that will assist in the prevention of harm. Prevention is always better than a cure. The Union also offers a wide range of support services for those in need. If you can't contact Mick, feel free to contact the Union office anytime regarding your safety, health and well-being.

Ph:  07 3844 8433

Go to the Queensland Government's Worksafe website for more general info on workplace health and safety - 


Under Australian WHS/OH&S Legislation employers are legally obliged to:

- Provide safe work premises

- Assess risks and implement appropriate measures for controlling them

- Provide and maintain safe machinery and materials

- Provide a suitable working environment and facilities

You are entitled to a safe and clean workplace, and if your site looks like this, your employer is letting you down.

EBA or Non-EBA, call us on 07 3844 8433 if you have any safety concerns and we will be there.

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