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In 2013 the PPTEU launched the Apprenticeship Program that targets eligible apprentices attending The Services Trades College, the Apprenticeship Program is a BERT Training Fund initiative. This program was created to ensure that eligible apprentices have access to the latest technology, training and support required for the duration of the apprenticeship.

What do apprentices get from this program?

  • iPad – word, excel, BIM 360Glue and eProfling apps

  • Extra Weeks Training – Prescribed training and industry specific programs to enhance your career

  • Support and Mentoring – Support and mentoring from our full-time Apprentice Mentor and Apprentice Coordinator

  • eProfling – online logbook

 What will the employers get from this program?

  • Skilled apprentices who are job ready

  • Wage reimbursement for the time spent in the extra weeks training

  • Support for apprentices throughout the duration of their apprentices

  • Easier tracking of on the job experience through eProfiling

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If you would like to find out the eligibility criteria for this program, contact the office on 07 3844 8433 or email

Training and Entitlements
Discipline and Misconduct
Apprentice Mentoring
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