The Plumbing and Pipe Trades Employees Union

The Plumbing and Pipe Trades Employees Union is the industrial Union representing licensed plumbers and related workers in the water, fire, sanitary and mechanical plumbing industries. 



We represent the welfare of our members through a strong and dynamic network of delegates, exercise industry leadership through the development of strategic partnerships and diligently manage the Union’s resources to ensure our members have a competitive advantage over non-union members in the marketplace.


The benchmark we have set for ourselves in lay terms is to build an industry which we would all be proud to have our own children to be a part of.



What we believe in and where we have come from enable us to act with authenticity at all times. Some of our commonly held ideals include; 

Integrity:                 To be whole and undivided with honesty and consistency.

Respect:                  Mutual respect – we give respect and gain respect in return.

Commitment:        To strive to accomplish what we say we will do.

Compassion:          To respond to hardship and need, with the motivation to assist, support and fight when required.

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T: 1800 653 118

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