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To perform regulated plumbing, drainage and fire protection work in Queensland, you must have a valid licence for the work.

Queensland’s plumbing and drainage licensing system protects public health and safety by making sure that only qualified persons can perform plumbing and drainage work, and also protects the trade as unlicensed tradespersons cannot be employed to perform this work.

The QBCC is responsible for issuing licences to plumbers, drainers and sprinkler fitters.

To apply for a new licence, renew your existing licence or update your contact details please visit to download the application forms.

Reporting unlicensed work

It is an offence to perform regulated plumbing and drainage work in Queensland without a valid Licence.

If you become aware of unlicensed work being performed, you can lodge a complaint below.

When making a complaint about unlicensed work, make sure you include as much information as possible, such as:

  • the name of the person who performed the work (if known)

  • the name of the company employing the person (if known)

  • when and where the work was performed

  • a description of the work performed.


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